New Home Design 
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Our Home Design Process



We start with one of our own computer designed floor plans, a sketch of your plan or a concept, and idea, or a vision that you may have for your dream home.



We have you review our directory of innovative and well-appointed features.



Have you create a “wishlist” of the items and options which you desire, based upon our feature listings.



We start with an preliminary computer designed floor plan and with some fine tuning, a design which suits your lifestyle



Then we price the home with your feature set.  We Provide you with an "all-inclusive" price based on your wishlist and requirements. 



We then draft a plan for approval and have you sign-off on it.



We finalize our pricing, ensure all of the home features and layouts are approved.
Then we make all the necessary contract arrangements, fine-tune and complete your blueprint for construction, and ultimately start construction on your "dream" home.

Some of our House Plans

From an initial vision or fully planned idea. We've been designing custom homes for our clients for 20 years. From inception to completion, we strive to provide our clients with unique "one-off" home designs to ensure exlusivity and a unique home which allows our clients to ensure good resale value and a home where we feel the client should be involved in the personal design and planning. A layout and floor plan that suits thier requirements and lifestyle.

View our sample of plans below or provide us with your own plan or idea for us to make a custom home a reality.
We feel that when our clients are investing in their own home, it shouldn't be like someone else's. It should be unique and remain unique in the homes layout and coincide with our clients lifestyle. Our "client first" approach allows us to do just that. Provide a complete home design that satisfies all of our clients requirements and wishlists. A home that they truly feel is their own.
View the home plans below for some inspiration or provide us with a design or layout that we can provide a house plan from.

The Yellow Birch

Paper Birch

Cherry Birch

River Birch

Sweet Birch

Weeping Birch

We Can Design & Build on Your Lot

A dream home starts with a dream location - a personal choice based on amenities, schools, recreation, lifestyle. Our years of experience has given us the opportunities to build one of kind homes - on walkout lots, waterfront lots, estate lots, or in town lots. Each location with its prerequisites and requirements from different Municipalities. These require a builder with the right qualifications to satisfy these unique specifications.

Lilac Homes - a full service design & build home builder with the knowledge to take your home from concept to completion.

From our plans or yours. Let's talk to discuss your new home ideas for your lot.

Things to Consider



with all of the elements involved in new home construction, and with all of the decisions required and how a home site can affect a new build, it makes sense to get in touch with an experienced Design/Build Home Builder to discuss your vision and to see how your project will be suited to the lot your have purchased or would like to purchase. This ensures you don't purchase something that could potentially cost a lot more then you bargained for.



Choose a home builder with unique and varied design experience.
Lilac Homes has been designing homes for clients since 2001. With all of our unique designs, and interaction with our range of clients, their unique needs,lifestyles and homesites, it give us the knowledge and experience to provide a design that works with your lifestyle.



Lilac Homes gives our clients a wide range of supplier connections. These connections enable competitive pricing on building materials.  We advocate for our clients when making their own purchases;  it allows us to leverage our home builder status to help provide our clients value on products and services.



After initial inspection of your lot, we will be upfront about the items required before construction of your project. There could be many items which need to be completed before construction begins:  Earth works, driveways, soil testing, special foundations, etc. These would be discussed beforehand to ensure you're kept in the loop regarding your overall budget.



Having an idea of your budget and disclosing your budget with us, gives us the opportunity to provide you with a value conscious, client-first assessment.  We can help you determine your budget - one that works with your finances and ultimately works with your overall vision.  

Some Sample Renderings

Client Focused
Custom Designed & Built Homes


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