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Build on Your Lot

Full Design/Build Service on Land you own

Lilac Homes can design and build on a property in your location, with your list of features, a custom design on your lot

A dream home starts with a dream location - a personal choice based on amenities, schools, recreation, lifestyle.   Our years of experience has given us the opportunities to build one of kind homes - on walkout lots, waterfront lots, estate lots, or in town lots.  Each location with its prerequisites and requirements from different Municipalities.  These require a builder with the right qualifications to satisfy these unique specifications.  

Lilac Homes - a full service design & build home builder with the knowledge to take your home from a concept to completion.  

From our plans/designs or yours.  Let us meet to discuss your new home ideas for your lot.   


  1. Consult Early - with all of the elements involved in new home construction, and with all of the decisions required and how a home site can affect a new build, it makes sense to get in touch with a home builder to discuss your vision and to see how your project will be suited to the lot your have purchased or would like to purchase.   This ensures you don't purchase something that could potentially cost a lot more then you bargained for.   
  2. Home Design - Choose a home builder with unique and varied design experience.  Lilac Homes has been designing homes for clients since 2001.  With all of our unique designs, and interaction with our range of clients, their unique needs, lifestyles and homesites give us the knowledge to provide a unique design for your new home.   
  3. Purchasing Leverage - Lilac Homes gives our clients a wide range of supplier connections.  These connections enable competitive pricing on building materials.  We  advocate for our clients when making their own purchases, allows us to leverage our home builder status to provide our clients value on products and services.  
  4. Transperency - After initial inspection of your lot, we will be upfront about the items required before construction of your project.  There could be many items which need to be completed before construction begins.   Earth works, driveways, soil testing, special foundations, etc.   These would be discussed beforehand to ensure you're kept in the loop regarding your overall budget.   
  5. Budget - having an idea of your budget and disclosing your budget with us, gives us the opportunity to provide you with a value conscious, client-first  assessment. 

Considering the Unexpected...

  1. Lot Preparation - This may involve tree removal, connection of services before commencing a build, removal of earth/earthworks before construction. 
  2. Driveway & Entrances - Your property may require to have a standardized driveway or entrance regulated by the municipality where your lot is located. 
  3. Utility Hookup Costs - Natural Gas, Municipal Water Services, Sewer connections.  Unless your lot is remote and requires a septic and well water hookup.   
  4. Grading - diverting ground water and how the new home will be affected by neighbouring properties and overall topography.

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